January Favourites

Studying is appearing to be an uphill battle, so I’m going to ignore the midterm that I have looming on my horizon (it’s in 4 hours, oops) and write a blog post instead. I haven’t written one of these before, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

January Favourites

These aren’t in any specific category, they’re just a collection of things that I’ve found myself liking over the month of January. (I am by no means a beauty blogger, so, if you’re just here for that, leave now.)

  1. Nars Creamy ConcealerHoly crap, guys. This concealer is quickly becoming my holy grail concealer. I know it’s expensive, and that’s it’s totally overpriced, but it’s so fantastic that I can (just) keep myself from crying when I buy it. It has amazing coverage, good colour selection, and doesn’t do that awful thing where it goes weird and patchy over your acne.
  2. X-Men: Primer (trilogy): I have waited for a female-led X-Men trade for so damn long. When I saw this I knew I had to buy it, and can I just say that it’s perfect in every way? I may be a bit biased because I love Kitty Pryde and she features heavily but, regardless, if you’re a fan of the X-Men ladies, pick this up.
  3. TeeFury: This is a whole website, but I can’t recommend it enough. Their t-shirts are so soft and, if you get them on the first day they’re available, super cheap. They have a plethora of nerdy awesomeness available and it’s a perfect place to go for gifts (for you or for other people, doesn’t matter).
  4. Forever 21 Jeans: I’m probably late to the bandwagon with this one, but I had no idea that Forever 21 had such nice jeans. They’re really cheap (like $9.90) and are actually pretty well-made. I was (miraculoulsy) able to find a pair that fit my short legs and wide hips perfectly and was able to buy two pairs for $20. I am amazed.
  5. Sirens Leggings: Again. No idea that Sirens had nice, cheap leggings. They were like $6, I’m elated.

Oddly enough, that’s all I can think of right now. I’ll add more to this list if I remember anything else. In the meantime, I have to continue studying for my midterm.

Cheers, Kat.


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