Frosh Week: Misconceptions

I just finished my first semester of university (yay!), and thought I’d pass on some very useful knowledge. No one told me these things before I embarked on the new journey that is university and, looking back, they’re important things to know!

  1. If You Don’t Go to Frosh Week, You Won’t Make Any Friends

That is 100% untrue. Nothing has ever been less accurate. Sure, during frosh week, you meet a lot of people, and some of them do turn out to be good friends. But that doesn’t mean that if you choose to not participate, you’re not going to make any friends. I had very pushy frosh facilitators banging on my door every morning, insisting that I go to the activities of the day and “make friends for life”. Spoiler, I skipped a lot of the frosh activities, even though I paid for it. Oops. However, I still have many great friends, and have a perfectly active social life.

  1. You Should Sign Up For Every Club

Don’t. Don’t sign up for every club. I promise, half of them you won’t attend a single meeting, but will feel too guilty to ask them to remove your email from their list, or stop sending you Facebook messages. If there’s something you know you will enjoy, however, then totally join. If you’ve done choir your whole life and the Glee Club has a really awesome director, then do it. If you’re really into sports, and you think that you’ll have time to join the football team, then do it. But, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Remember that your first year is going to be very busy and it might get overwhelming having all of those clubs and groups hanging out in your inbox.

  1. Frosh Week Is The Best Week of The Year

False. Sure, it’s better than finals week, but it’s not the best one. Don’t create extreme standards for frosh, and then spend the rest of the year moping that you actually have to do schoolwork.

  1. You’re Lame If You Don’t Party During Frosh Week

Also false. If you’re not the partying type, and you’d rather go to bed early, or hang out with a small group and watch TV, then do that. Don’t force yourself into social situations that will make you uncomfortable or anxious. That’s not to say don’t do anything social at all, but don’t force yourself into doing something that you know you’ll hate.

  1. You’re Lame If You Don’t Get Drunk During Frosh Week

See # 4.

So, my biggest tip for everyone that’s going to be entering university next year? Be yourself, have fun, and don’t be afraid to talk to people. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet; you’re going to make so many friends and meet so many people that you won’t even remember everyone. Don’t worry about what everyone around you is thinking about you; just do whatever makes you comfortable. Chances are, they either could not care less about what you’re doing, or are too worried about what you’re thinking, that they don’t even know what’s happening.

Just have fun, and enjoy frosh week, whether that means going to a different party every night, or turning in early after a phone call home. Be safe, and have fun!


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