We Are Wolves

I’m going to preface this with this link to the Maclean’s article that inspired it.

Okay. My turn.

Teenage girls are done with your bullshit. We are done with shrinking into ourselves in order to let men expand. We are done with falling silent because it’s not “ladylike” to get heated, or passionate. We are done being told that we can’t, or that we shouldn’t. We are done with society’s obsession about our bodies and how they should look. We are done with the constant exclusion of women from media and literature. We are done, finished.

We are also angry. We are furious and seething and all of those other million dollar words that you get points for on exams and in essays. We are like wolves, now, beasts in the night snapping our jaws for blood, for revenge. And you, society, has made us that way. We have been beaten down, belittled, teased, bullied, and made fun of for far too long, and it ends here.

Fuck your stereotypes. We are not here to fill a series of preset moulds with neat little labels like “prude”, “slut” or “bitch” because we are not neat little things. We are messy and loud and sad and happy and angry and calm. We are the crashing of ocean waves and the roaring of thunder, we are the whisper of the wind across your skin and the crinkle of leaves under your feet. We are a million different things because, ultimately, we are human.

Teenage girls are coming for revenge. It will creep up slowly, before blossoming bright red in your vision like a spattering of blood. Our revenge comes in spokeswomen, like Emma Watson at the UN, like the Twitter Youth Feminist Army, like Malala Yousafzai. Our revenge comes in teenage girls spitting curses like angry cats at men who think it’s acceptable to yell at them from car windows. Our revenge comes from the anger that bubbles up in our core and how fast we change the radio station when Blurred Lines comes on.

The stereotypes and social pressures that have been pushed on young women are disgusting and immoral. We are not things for you to ogle, we are not just tits and ass; we are living, breathing, human beings with sharp teeth and hard fists.

We will no longer be silent, or subdued, or “ladylike.” We will be loud, and obnoxious, and brass. We are coming for you, and we will be merciless. As the cited Maclean’s article says, “underestimate [us] at your peril.”


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