Content Creators and YouTube

Today, while watching a “Shed Sessions” video (JacksGap), I was hit with The Hammer of Inspiration, and couldn’t stop thinking about how YouTube has changed the way content creators spread their ideas and their work.

YouTube is a community that stretches far and wide across the Internet. While it is a notorious time-suck, known for cat videos and beauty gurus (which is a kind of content creation in and of itself), it is also a place wherein people can document their talents and their creations. Before YouTube, musicians, artists, poets, and writers alike had to find tangible, irl ways of spreading their ideas and showcasing what they could do. While many people (mostly those who claim that technology is ruining the world) will claim that that is the best way of doing things, that putting your content on the internet doesn’t really count as “creating”, it is important to note that not everyone is capable of busking of street corners, or speaking at poetry festivals, not everyone is equipped to strike out into the world and make a name for themselves. Whether it’s because of a disability or simply a lack of funds, that “old-school” way of spreading talent is not always efficient or worth it for people. Websites like YouTube are perfect for those people who cannot head out into the great, wide world.

However, many of these fantastic individuals get lost in that heaving tide of cat videos and men falling off of tall objects. Which is why I’ve decided to do something that probably will make zero difference in the large scheme of things but, will allow me to promote the creators that I enjoy.

Once a week, I’ll be promoting the talents of one internet creator.

This week is Daniela Andrade.

Daniela Andrade is a fantastic Canadian musician with not nearly enough subscribers. I highly suggest you check out her stuff at the link above!


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