The End

Today was my last day of high school. While I still have to go back for graduation, and hug people and wear a to big gown, I am, officially, finished.

I have never been more elated, more full of happiness and glee. I have never wanted more to scream the top of my lungs and do back-flips and cartwheels and dance outside in the summer sun. I am told that I won’t be so happy when I’m swamped with university course loads or stuck in a small dorm room, but I can’t help but want to keep my blissful ignorance for at least a little while longer.

I am out of a place that has a suffocating environment, where I was forced to learn things that I hated, where the majority of my classes should have been part of a comedians repertoire, because they were jokes.

I feel like I am Rapunzel, singing:

“Look at the world, so close, and I’m half way to it.”

I’m not unhappy, I’m not feeling nostalgic, hell, what I’m feeling isn’t even bittersweet. What I am feeling in pure, unfiltered, joy.

I am ready to move on.



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