Jewish Registry in Eastern Ukraine

Jewish Registry in Eastern Ukraine

After a service on the eve of Passover in mid-April around 50 Jewish citizens from the Donetsk region of Ukraine received simple, black and white printouts. Those printouts dictated that any Jewish citizen over the age of 16 must appear Donetsk Republic commissioner and register. Sound familiar? Not to mention the fact that those citizens must pay $50 US in order to register, something that has been made mandatory for them.

The chief rabbi of Donetsk, Pinchas Vyshetsky said, to CBC News, “This is not a joke. You know how this starts but you don’t know how it could be finished.” (CBC News)

I highly suggest that you read the above article, or any other article about it, really. This cannot go unnoticed. CBC claims that the flyers have been seen worldwide, but this article was published on the 19th of April and I’m just hearing about it, my friends and family have no idea that this has happened.

People need to know, need to be informed.

We cannot let history repeat itself.



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