Kitestring (Safety App)

Kitestring (Safety App)

This app is, I’m sure, going to be revolutionary. A web-based application that allows anyone, no matter what smartphone they have, free and full use.

This app, as you’ll read in the article above, “checks-in” on you at a time you have designated and sends you a text at that time. All you need to do is reply to that text with “ok” if you are at your destination or “10m” if you want an extra 10 minutes or “20m” or whatever amount of extra time you need. If you don’t respond to that text it sends out a customized message to your emergency contacts, alerting them that something is wrong. It is designed to help ensure safety when going from point A to point B.

The creator of Kitestring, Stephan Boyer, designed the app originally after a conversation with his girlfriend, who lives in an unsafe neighborhood in San Francisco, and wanted him to check up on her to make sure she got home okay. (Kitestring Founder.) He designed the app with the thought of helping potential rape victims, but everyone from mountain hikers to the elderly have found a use for this app. While it can’t fully prevent things like rape or muggings, it can get you help faster, especially if, when you program your emergency message, you include where you were going, which will allow your emergency contacts to know the general area you’re in.

The only thing that can make this ingenious idea better, is the fact that it doesn’t use a GPS software and is therefore 100% free.

I recommend anyone living alone or in the middle of a big city get this app, it can’t hurt. It could even save your life.


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